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Comprehensive Event Services

Capstone does a lot more than just photography.  We've expanded to offer a full suite of value-added event services, making event management a whole lot easier.  Simplify and save money by consolidating your vendor list with Capstone Event Services.  Our offerings are available a la carte, but the more services you select, the more money you'll save!

  When accuracy and performance matter
We use the latest technology to chip time your event with superior reliability and accuracy while keeping your costs as low as possible.  We can even post your race results live online and integrate with social media.  Available in select markets. Request a quote.
  Reliable, cost-effective and easy to use
We can set up, manage and support your event registration with our scalable, secure and cloud-based platform.  That means a powerful, customizable and user-friendly registration at competitive prices.  Request a quote.
Design & Print
Get a great look for all your printed materials
Getting a consistent, professional design can take up a lot of your time.  And it's not hard to wind up with inconsistency between your flyers, T-shirt and banner designs.  By combining Capstone's in-house design talent and production know-how, we can make sure your event looks great and is within your budget Request a quote.
  The voice of your event: friendly, fun and professional
On race day, you want to know that the voice of your event is talented, friendly and knowledgable.  We'll provide a race announcer and PA equipment to your event to make sure your athletes are informed and entertained.  We also make a point of promoting your sponsors to reinforce the value of their sponsorship. 
Available in select markets.
Request a quote.
Finish Arches
  For a safe, attractive finish
Production of finish arches can take up a large part of your budget.  Truss systems are heavy and can be dangerous.  Capstone Event Services offers design of your custom inflatable finish arch.  Or if a standard arch meets your needs, our rental option can keep your costs down.  Your custom banners can fasten easily to a standard arch.  Request a quote.
  The event photo experts
We've never forgotten our roots as a photography company, and we proudly continue to offer premium coverage of your event.  Certain larger events may qualify for "athlete-paid" photography.  We also offer sponsored event photography as a high-impact means to connect your sponsor to event participants.  Athletes love the photos, your sponsors will love the connection, and you'll love the ability to attract more sponsorship dollars!  Request a quote.
Why deal with a half dozen vendors, when Capstone can handle all your timing, registration, design & printing, announcing, finish line arch and photography needs?  Contact us today and start saving money for your next event!